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One of the first and oldest Hostels in Lisbon, Home has truly become a home away from home for those looking for an accommodating and familiar place to stay.

Besides its perfect location, the incredible facilities such as great showers, air conditioning in every room or hairdryers in the ladies dorms, you'll be truly captivated by the spirit and the communal experience based on people and social interaction because "Home is wherever I´m with you...".
Many have experienced our home cooked meals made by the owner’s mother, Mamma, with rave reviews, or seen a movie together in our living room, read a book from our big library or even met someone special they'll never forget..

This is the 'Home Lisbon Hostel' experience...
a place that really feels like home!!

Discover Lisbon

Discover Lisbon

Our location is the best in Lisbon
Mamma’s dinner

Mamma’s dinner

She loves cooking so what are you waiting for to checking for tonight's dinner?
Our Mamma's recipes conquer every heart, if you taste it once you will never want to leave.


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